Love and vibes

Is a personal diary with photographs and videos. It contains daily material like snapshots and polaroids from models and people, behind the scenes, music and cozy times

The little videos I make is a representation for my passion for music. I support 'small' artists with music beautiful in its simplicity, and just want to share some positive connection with people

 This diary represent my artistic view and defines who I am. I like art, peaceful moments and creative stories. This serie is a combination of my passions, to give a little background story about me


Miss independent  

I discovered this lady when I lived in Ghent. She had no experience, but her flair was something really interesting for me. A strong and sweet lady with a natural appearance, who became my muse.

Forest bathing

I met her in the city while working. On a summer evening we went to a small forest. After we made some portraits, we decided to spend a few hours to relax a bit at the lake.

- 'Forest bathing' produced by Tsunenori is a beautiful piece of art, one of my favorites when I want a little rest. This instrumental, characterized by melodic violins and piano, totally fits this day -

The woods

I met this beautiful lady from Limburg when I lived in Ghent. We had a little session to make some studio portraits. A few months later we decided to hang out in Leuven, the city where she studies. It was a warm but cloudy day on a summer evening. There was a bit of rain and we went to a forest to have a moment at the little lake.

Totally worth the mosquito bites.

Evening of flowers

Intimate colors


People of Ghent. Portrait at her place. Just a sweet natural girl, blessed with fluffy looks. Spending her time with art and traveling.


People of Ghent. Portrait at her place. I have no idea how we actually met. But we went up driving to her house on a summer day. We spent a few hours photographing and took our time between the shoot to enjoy the beautiful weather, to eat, to relax and to chat.




Behind the scenes


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