Meet Mia. A girl from London who decided, "Well life is boring if you stay in the same place so let’s cruise around" so she moved to Barcelona when she was only 18. From her new base she started her mission to see the world for some years. It was on this little trip to Berlin that she got stuck in Belgium because of the lockdown. And so, after the quarantine easing we decided to meet up.

"I enjoy roaming around and being free from the normal society sometimes to keep things fresh and fun."

About you

Actually, I was just traveling to Berlin when the Coronavirus outbreak happened. The benefits of traveling is that I get to know a lot of people from around the world who I can lean on, so I was very lucky to have a friend in Brussels where I could stay during the lockdown. I think a lot of people expect that I’m a quiet and shy person, but the reason I moved out of London was to meet new people in the most random and weird situations, to experience unpredictable adventures with, to have a connection with them in their vulnerable moments, and the adrenaline of not knowing where an adventure will end. Even though these new situations sometimes scare me, I use those opportunities to learn something valuable from it. I never want to stop learning and doing new things that scares me because in the end, when I’m looking back, those experiences were very instructive!

About rhythm

I just live from day to day, enjoying the small things while seeing the big things. I try not to be trapped in a lifestyle with a continuous rhythm, and thanks to my travels I can strive and live an unpredictable life. The problem is that I try to be as open minded as possible, so there are plentiful things I discover and like which makes it harder for me to decide what my dream is. I know it’s expected and easier if you settle yourself down at a certain age, and there will be a time when I will need to put more standards in my life, but for now I enjoy roaming around and being free from the normal society sometimes to keep things fresh and fun!

About little things

My prominent occupation is yoga, which is very handy 'cause I have the chance to experience my passion in beautiful settings in different locations. A lot of people don't expect it,  but I like to play a lot of video games! I've always loved playing shooting and action games and I don’t even know why, just the adrenaline and the little competitive geek in me I think haha! But one of the most important aspects in my life is music, I think this is valid for a lot of people... Music brings out all kinds of unexplainable emotions which words cannot describe, and everyone experience it in their own weird and different way. I like it when music clears my head and I don't have the ability to think but just enjoy the goosebumps and vibes.

“I believe all bodies are a piece of art, regardless of how you look. A naked body is just a beautiful thing and we women should be proud of it.”

About women

I got the feeling that more people are telling themselves and others about how okay they are with nude, in an attempt to be more progressive. But no matter how hard we try to deny it, people will always be allergic to nudity. Especially when it comes to a female body. However, women nowadays are a lot more confident about themselves, and it is no longer a taboo to talk about our bodies compared to years ago. That's a positive trend I support! I taught myself to like my own body so that's why I'm very comfortable in showing it, I don't feel ashamed of myself. I don’t have to feel responsible or justify myself for what people think is wrong. I believe all bodies are a piece of art, regardless of how you look. A naked body is just a beautiful thing and we women should be proud of it, there is no shame in showing that.

"I’m afraid of time in a way that everything changes and you can’t do anything about it but just accept it."

About solitude

Although I love getting lost with my friends, I really have a desire to be alone too, just to recharge myself in my own crazy thoughts. I get frustrated and annoyed with myself quite a lot 'cause I find it hard to vocally express myself at times, so I really need my me-time to reflect. Even when I’m at a festival surrounded by big crowds, I often take off and do my own thing even though I’m with my friends. I believe a lot of people these days have a difficulty to admit that being alone is okay. It’s perfectly normal to spend hours listening to music doing nothing, or to wander off to think. We have an unhealthy habit to feel like an outsider when we are less social, and it's hard for people not to look condescendingly to those who are happy doing things on their own. But in the end it's good we are all so different, as long we are willing to make that bit of effort to understand each other, we all can get along with anyone.

About love

Personally, I think my best experiences are with women haha! Nonethless, I think a lot of relationships are not that healthy. People love to put a label on everything and once you put a label on something, you start expecting things. This puts an unintentionally strain on each other. Of course I  believe you can be happy with someone, however I'm really not interested in spending time in relationships at this moment. I want to be free and spend time with myself and my own happiness, experiencing random adventures. Because of that I really don’t know how my future is going to look like and I can feel the pressure there will be a time I need to settle myself. And I'm afraid of time in a way that everything changes and you can’t do anything about it but just accept it. People move and separate, friends marry and have children, and you have to move on when everyone leaves in a kind of way. It's a normal thing to happen in life but at this moment, I'm just very happy to see the world and develop myself as a person, because your own happiness is also important.

You in 3 words

Bubbly, perfectionist, never sit still.

Favourite food

Chocolate has not failed me once in life.

Favourite game

Scooby Doo / Mario cart on Gamecube.

Guilty pleasure

Anything girly pinky fluffy cuddly glittery stuff you give to a 5 year old girl. Anime, manga and Marvel. I loved superheroes since I was a kid. They always made me feel so empowered and made me think that one day I could get some sick superpowers and have to hide my identity, still a dream of mine!

I can watch this movie all day

I prefer action movies like Mr & Mrs Smith or Lara Croft. Anything where a girl  is being a badass spy/ninja trying to save the world!

The neighbours are angry of this track

At the moment music of Britney Spears always gets me in the mood. Making me feel like a sexy but sweet girl haha!

When nobody is watching

I pretend to be in a music video, but I’m sure everyone does right?

Last words

Stop worrying, it’s a waste of time.

Thank you Mia

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